I am Canadian! How I spent the last ten minutes

First I went to Bloglines, to look over my blogroll. Then I jumped to Dana's Blog, who pointed me to a new marketing blog called What's Your Brand Mantra? Browsing through her blog, I noted this entry about a map titled "The World According to the United States," which can be found on David St. Lawrence's blog. Politics aside, the map characterizes Canadians as only being concerned about Moose and Hockey. What about donuts?

This reminded me of Canadian World Domination, a website which came out about the same time as the SoSth Park movie. This is a fairly extensive site showing how an aggressive Canada viewed the world. Here's a map of what they see as Canada's future dominion.

And here's the hilarious song from South Park: Blame Canada (wav)

Finally, a few more seconds of Google searching on Canadian World Domination coughed up this great Molson Canadian ad! (Go ahead, watch it. Will Shatner does some free-form verse!)