Hitting the Product Placement Lotto

Marquis, a Boston company that specializes in reselling travel on private corporate jets, nailed a premier product placement last night. Its' jets were the centrepiece in the latest episode of The Apprentice, an NBC reality show that pits overachievers against each other in the quest for a job wrking for Donald Trump. Marquis has been working with the producers for months in order to pull off a tremendous placement: on last night's show, the keeners had 48 hours to develop a marketing plan for the company and its product.

"For Marquis Jet to be featured on a really hot show like "The Apprentice" is the equivalent of hitting the lottery," said Francis J. Kelly III, president and chief operating officer of ad agency Arnold Worldwide's Boston office.

"If you're a business jet company and you come out of nowhere and you're on `The Apprentice' with Donald Trump, it's so relevant and cool that it magnifies the significance," Kelly said. "Product placements are good, but this one is near perfect. My hat's off to those guys."

Try looking at the Boston Globe article linked up above for the CEO's reaction to the marketing plans that were presented - and the mistakes made in developing them.