What happens to disgraced politicos?

In Stalin's time, shunned Communist Party apparatchiks and countless others disappeared into horrific forced labor camps in the east of Russia, many in Siberia. Just over a year ago, the Director of Communications for the Prime Minister of Canada was forced to resign after being caught referring to George Bush as a "moron" during a conversation with reporters at a G-8 meeting.

What happens to senior aides once they resign? In Washington, they move over to "K" street. In London, they take on high profile consultancy roles. In Ottawa, they sometimes apply their extensive experience to the benefit of the public service.

To wit, Francoise Ducros is now a senior executive responsible for Russia at the Canadian International Development Agency.

Today's Financial Post (sub. req.) details one of her recent trips to Siberia: "she was introduced to an elk farmer who, upon hearing her name, said "Hey, I've heard of you. you're the Canadian who called George Bush a moron."

As the reporter noted: "welcome to the borderless new world of global information."