Brazilian beer ads

Bit of a marketing trend here, isn't there? AdAge notes that the Brazilian National Self-Regulation Council's new ban on "erotic exploitation" in beer ads is prompting brewers and their marketing firms to "find a new creative vocabulary beyond breasts and bare bellies."

Here's an example of the new advertising being generated for Molson's Kaiser beer - in Brazil. Not very sexy - unless you're a tattoo fetishist. (Mediaplayer)

But those rules don't apply to ads for Brazilian beers being marketed in Canada. Here's a recent ad for Marca Bavaria, a down-market Brazilian brand also owned by Molson but being revamped in the Canadian market.(Quicktime)

Here's an even hotter Marca Bavaria ad - on the beach.(Quicktime)

Swinging back into the real world, Jayday noted last year how was involved in the filming of the Marca Bavaria ads. As the Financial Post described it, adbeast:

... acts both as a virtual library and a virtual studio for the agencies that pay subscription fees to use it. In [this] digital world, there is no longer a need for agencies to keep a physical library filled with 3/4-inch tapes stored in black boxes: It can all be moved online. Using the adbeast server, agencies set up virtual libraries of their work at the site. Access is strictly controlled by each agency member, but is available from around the globe.

"Adbeast was very helpful for us ... not only in Brazil, but once we were back here," said [a marekting executive] with Molson in Toronto.

In one situation, [he] was in Brazil during the three-week shoot and wanted to make a casting change. From Brazil, he was able to download footage of a proposed actor to the adbeast site, and then asked his boss in Toronto to go online, have a look and offer up his opinion. And that all happened in a matter of minutes.