Keepin' it real: Jon Stewart

Okay. I admit it. I get the large part of my news analysis from Jon Stewart and his bunch of late night lunatics. Apparently, there are a lot of people like me. The Pew Center's tracking has revealed that 21 % of youth aged 18-29 learn about the presidential campaign at 11pm, from the Comedy Network.

What does Jon think?

"A lot of them are probably high," Stewart cracked. "I'm not sure, coming off of robots fighting and into our show, what we're dealing with out there."

Nonetheless, AP reveals more and more people are tuning in:

As if to drive the Pew survey's point home, "The Daily Show" reached a ratings milestone during the two weeks of the Iowa caucus, New Hampshire primary and State of the Union address. For the first time, Stewart's show had more male viewers aged 18 to 34 than any of the network evening news shows.

And here's a relevant Stewart entry rescued from my crash:

In [a December] Newsweek, Jon Stewart makes a very canny observation about the instincts that appear to govern the behaviour and interests of media scrums:

"I'm actually far more interested in the media's responsibility than the politicians'," says Stewart. "To me, the most interesting shot in the documentary 'Journeys With George' is from behind the horde of reporters going to a staged event. You ever see 8-year-olds play soccer? It's just this weird clump of legs, and then all of a sudden the ball will fly out and with no strategy or game, they just go 'Ball!' That's what the media is."