Excerpts from Dan Gillmor's new journalism book

Dan Gillmor's got the second chapter of his book "Making the News" up for comment. To me, it's a very useful assessment of how new technology and software is going to affect basic communication, not just how journalists conduct their work.

He's posted the fourth chapter for comment as well. You REALLY should take a look at the section "Some Rules for New-World PR and Marketing." One useful rule:

7. Aim carefully at people who really care. Find out which micro-publishers are talking about your product or service. (Use Google, Technorati, Blogdex, and Feedster, not just Nexis and clipping services.) Also ask around about whom you should be contacting. Then make sure you keep these people well-informed. Treat them like professional journalists who are trying to get things right, and they'll be more likely to treat you with similar respect.