Anchor or Commentator?

The NYT's running 21 questions with Lou Dobbs this weekend. He's a little testy, and a little defensive - maybe because of the coverage he's generating on outsourcing:

Q: More globally inclined economists insist that the creation of a middle class in poor countries overseas benefits everyone. And aren't people in India as entitled to jobs as people in America?

A: Are you willing to sacrifice 600,000 American jobs and employees to create jobs overseas? I love India. I love the Indian people. But the idea that we can sacrifice an American family to create jobs overseas is insensitive beyond belief.


Q. Actually, you look like a senator.

A. Well, thank you very much. I wouldn't go into politics for any amount of money. I'm not capable of being nice to people who annoy me.

James Glassman had something to say about Lou's protectionist proclivities (and here's his interview with Dobbs). Jagdish Bhagwati, a prof at Columbia, has something to say as well.

And here's Poynter's tip sheet on outsourcing.

The WSJ argues that Lou's a performer, not a journalist.

I think I just can't get my head around CNN producing a "talking head" with buzz like Hannity, O'Reilly or Limbaugh. When's the last time CNN was anything but boring?