Sure, you've got a logo. How is it interpreted?

Austrian art/culture/experimential group monochrom asked a random group of consumers to sketch 12 popular brand logos freehand. Their efforts reveal one thing for certain: a random group of consumers includes a lot of bad artists. The examples illustrated also confirm that brand recall depends upon the consumer's experience with the brand and its products.

In the work collected by monochrom, the Adidas logo is represented in the context of a shoe, t-shirt or corporate letterhead. In Philip's case, someone drew the a version of the logo from the company's 1980s stereo line.

Apple's eponymous fruit doesn't come out as cleanly, but someone suggested "think different" as the current logo.

Privacy Marketing Review gave me the pointer, but a little more digging came up with this interesting thread on the project.

That produced this poster of logotypes produced from the unprompted responses of 600 Australian students.

I still haven't found what I was really looking for - a poster from @issue magazine that spelled out the alphabet in well-known trademarks. For example, the "c" was from the Chicago Cubs.