Online mag advertising going up

.. says the new edition of Folio, and in a number of categories like BtoB, consumer and specialty magazines. Building on findings in Doubleclick's report for 2003 (.pdf), the author notes that the reader base for mags and sites is more loyal and more reliable; advertising creative has moved well beyond the static banner ad, and the "view through" rate for online ads is growing.

Ziff Davis Media is a good example of the phenomenon. While it lost print pages across its titles, its online revenue soared by 89 percent. There is no question that demand for online ads will continue to outstrip the demand for print ads, says Ziff CEO Robert Callahan. ... the company expects rapid growth to continue in its online businesses. “Online demand is much stronger than print right now.” ..., where ad revenues jumped 60 percent last year, attracted only a few new advertisers in 2003, “but there was a very large increase in terms of total dollars spent per advertiser,” says Jim Spanfeller, president and CEO. ...

It's an “I-told-you-so” moment for online publishers. “We knew that if we had the stomach to wait and the discipline to keep costs low, the day would come when we would see substantial amounts of money,” says Sarah Chubb, president of Condénet, which includes, and (Condé food, travel and fashion magazines).

Condénet ... revenues soared 62 percent in 2003, and the company projects at least 30 percent growth this year. “There are huge numbers of advertisers in some of our categories who barely have their toes in the water,” Chubb says.