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Amid all the handwringing about the state of the media in North America, Britain and elsewhere, Wired's got an interview with the editor of the Onion - whose outrageous stories have been picked up several times as breaking news:

[Editor Carol] Kolb, of course, chuckles at the notion that anyone took [a recent story about Harry Potter inspiring satanism among children] seriously.

Then again, she says, after stories like "Chinese Woman Gives Birth to Septuplets: Has One Week to Choose" provoked prayer vigils on behalf of the six babies who would be tossed off a mountaintop, Kolb isn't surprised that The Onion gets regularly flooded with e-mails from people who didn't get the joke.

But Kolb says she and her staff don't write back.

"We don't respond to anyone, really, ever," she says. "We just laugh and laugh and laugh."