Posh and Becks - riding out the wave of celebrity shame

Richard Bailey's got a couple of good links to possible PR tactics for David Beckham and Posh Spice, who are facing claims of marital infidelity. Excerpts from two separate articles jump out:

Just think: if you or I were facing such a crisis in our marriage, whether anyone had ever heard of us or not, the overriding priority would surely be to find somewhere - anywhere - where we could get to the bottom of the facts and then review our subsequent feelings in private ...

But not Mr and Mrs Beckham. Faced with exposure and humiliation on a monumental scale, their immediate response, Ceaucescu-style, is to phone not a counsellor or a friend for advice but a photographer for an image fix.(Guardian, reg. req.)


Along with instructing their lawyers, this seems to be the tactic most favoured by the Beckhams.

The couple have been seen frolicking in the snow at an exclusive French ski resort, leaving a London restaurant hand in hand, larking about at Beckingham Palace, and out and about in Madrid.

But the strategy has come at a price, with every facial expression scrutinised for hidden meanings. (BBC)