Just when you figure out your audience .... their boss gets in the way

Recent research showed the Alton Towers amusement park in Staffordshire that a third of their adult visitors had freed up time to visit by skipping work or calling in sick. The marketing solution? A targeted website aimed at this demographic. As Revolution magazine notes:

Alton Towers said its skivers claimed they were throwing sickies because they did not get enough holiday time. Mike Lorimer, marketing manager at Alton Towers, said: "We were actually quite surprised by the number of skivers we appear to have on park, and expect our Ihatework.co.uk website to be really popular as a result." He added: "It's not up to us to reduce absenteeism and if workers want to take advantage of the mid-week deals, why not?"

The Federation of Small Business has a problem with the campaign. Not only does the site encourage "skiving," it actually offers a discount coupon for employees considering skipping work. Said an FSB rep:

"Staff 'pulling sickies' is demoralising for other employees. It is also a disciplinary offence. How would management at Alton Towers like it if their staff pulled a sickie to spend the day at Chessington World of Adventure or Blackpool?"

The FSB's worked up enough to threaten a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority if the site isn't pulled down. Spoilsports.