Wisdom from The Jerk

Over at CommonCraft, Lee's resurrected a great scene in the Jerk, where Navin R. Johnson reacts wildly to the arrival of the new phone books:

The new phone book's here! The new phone book's here! This is the kind of spontaneous publicity I need. My name in print. That really makes somebody. Things are going to start happening to me now!

Of course, there's another line in the Jerk relevant to PR - and it emphasizes the value of cross-marketing, especially if you use a well-travelled medium. Navin finds out Patty's gone and tattooed his name somewhere:

Navin: Do you ever think we'd get to know each other well enough to kiss?

Patty: We don't have to. You're my man. It's like we're married. Look at my ass.

Navin: Gosh! You have my last name tattooed right there under the j's! First I get my name in the phone book and now I'm on your ass! You know, I bet more people see that than the phone book.

Hey! Patty had a blogroll!