Does your pet like Queer Eye or Junkyard Wars?

The BBC is drawing deep into the cultural psyche to find inspiration for their new digital services. In fact, someone at the Beeb must have watched 1988's Scrooged, because they are about to launch Pet TV, a digital channel aimed at providing entertainment for your housebound pets. As the Guardian reports (reg. req.):

The interactive TV service will consist of a looped series of images and sounds, including clips of snooker balls rolling across the green baize, frisbees flying through the air, cat toys and cartoon characters such as Top Cat ...

"It's a unique opportunity to find out if we really do have a nation of pet telly addicts, and if so, what are the pets' favourite shows," the BBC said.

Okay. I am getting very strong flashbacks to the scene in Scrooged where the addled network Chairman suggests that more network shows include elements to attract pets - like a character dangling string, or a bouncing ball.

Of course, network President Frank Cross (played by Bill Murray) takes this suggestion one step too far, ordering that the big Christmas production include mice with antlers:

Props man: I can't get the antlers glued to this little guy. We tried Crazy Glue, but it don't work.

Frank Cross: Did you try staples?