So, you may have noticed I'm Canadian

You know us Canadians. We're like beavers. We busily set about our work, doing constructive and uncontroversial things in our own idiosyncratic ways- until provoked. The CBC is running a promo campaign touting the popular selection of the Greatest Canadian Ever. We can all name off Canadians that might be worthy of this distinction: Wayne, Alanis, Sarah, even Celine ... but Mark Baese wants your vote, and he's got a typically Canadian closing line:

I have my thumb on the pulse of Canada's tech industry, and I work in the media, so I'm abreast in current events. I've also been involved with political wrong-doing, but I'm honest now - I swear.

I'm your all-around average Canadian, and together we've helped shape this country... Take some time and place your vote for the people of Canada - Vote for Mark today! I'm Average!