Canada: a nation of Googlemaniacs

David Akin points out that just-released Comscore research shows Canadians like to search - a lot - and are positively addicted to Google.

85 per cent of Canadians use a search engine at least once a month, compared to 73 per cent of American Web surfers ... Google handles 62 per cent of search queries originating in Canada. Google handles just 35 per cent of queries in the U.S. ...

Canadians search more often, too. Canucks perform an average of 40 searches a month, compared to the Yankee average of 35 searches a month.

I wonder why we stick to Google? Maybe it's the clean, unfettered and relatively unsophisticated look. Maybe we appreciate the soft sell of the discrete text ads. Or maybe we Canadians are attracted to Google's wry and self-deprecating sense of humour.