Running a campaign - Canuck style

The Hill Times, Canada's answer to Roll Call, has run several articles on the backroom machinery supporting the major campaigns. There's a look at the war rooms and the wagonmasters. How do the Canadian war rooms work in action? Look after the jump.

In other news, one Winnipeg candidate has created an ad to run before the showings of Shrek 2 in a local multiplex. I know the campaigns want to reach out to the youth vote - but Shrek 2? From the Toronto Star:

For example, Maclean's magazine's Paul Wells shared that, yesterday, "within minutes" after Martin stopped talking about his new health care plan in Belleville, "reporters' Blackberries started buzzing in Fredericton" with e-mails from the Liberal war room. The e-mails, Wells writes, "consisted exclusively of public comments and news releases from the Canadian Alliance (remember them?) in 2002, upon the release of the Romanow Report.

"The Alliance didn't like Romanow very much," Wells continues, reciting the handy-dandy Liberal-supplied two-year-old quotes from Conservative leader Stephen Harper trashing the landmark study on health care released in 2002.

But the spin didn't take. A quick search of Google News last night came up with none of these anti-Romanow quotes. But you can bet somebody will eventually use them somewhere in the next five weeks.