He rode into town with only the coat on his back, an MBA, and a trust fund

Stanley Bing's got some advice for newly minted MBAs. Here's a sample:

You're also thoughtful, tender, idealistic, and searching for something that will help you make a difference to somebody other than yourself and your broker. That's good, too, but keep it to yourself. Employers will admire you for your sensitivity and excellent values, but they will not hire or promote you for them, unless you work for a nonprofit corporation dedicated to the sanctity of all life forms except humans. And even then, in those places the politics can be brutal ...

  • Do not, however, be a gutless worm. If someone wants to tussle after you've exhausted all your mock friendliness, make sure he ends up spitting out a few teeth.
  • When the wine and beer are flowing and everybody is trashing someone, hold your tongue. What happens in Vegas often does not stay there.
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