Princess Michael of Kent - scaring off a PR rep

It's probably not a good idea, when you're in NY looking for a PR agent to help rep your new book, to get embroiled in a public confrontation with racist overtones. Princess Michael of Kent made the press a week ago for the comments she made while dining at an upscale NY restaurant. Buried deep in a NYT piece, however, was the note that:

Princess Michael was also in town last week to meet with public relations executives, including some from Dan Klores Communications, to hire a firm to promote her book ... to be published in September.

A Dan Klores executive, who spoke on the condition that his name not be used, said the firm would not be representing the new book.(now in paid archives)

Oops. But why did the executive not want to be named? Does the firm want to preserve a hint of a relationship with the Princess, in the hope of further work down the road?