Some true words about red carpets

Observations on the finery and filligree at the Tonys, held this past Sunday. To think PR folk have it tough giving advice on which rep tie and button-down to wear for a TV interview.

It has been remarked before ... but it is worth repeating. Red carpets need car wrecks. They need Bo Derek in cornrows, Cher in a hat inspired by the rings of Saturn, Bjork draped in an ornithological specimen.

One can probably blame the stylists, those stealth dictators of fashion, for taking the raw clay of, say, a former waitress or Juilliard student and transforming it into a vision so uncontroversially tasteful that the result is a sartorial yawn ...

What confirmed the impression that Broadway's salvation does not lie with a bunch of puppeteer former interns with big dreams and fauxhawks, was the alarming decision by most of the women to come dressed like prom-night chaperones. (NYT)