Andy Richter: delusional?

Andy Richter is getting ready for a new gig as the amiable dad of quints in a new Fox sitcom. This is on the heels of his appearance in the latest Olsen twins movie. Generally considered to be a very funny man, he seems to have let his standards slip. As he told the NY Post:

My feeling is that the quality and funniness of the jokes is the main thing in a sitcom. The concept doesn't matter. There are no new ideas where sitcoms are concerned. This show is a Honda Accord with an 8-cylinder engine. It's built to sell.

Ooooh. An Accord. With the leather seats and halogen fog lamps? Judging from the latest ratings book, the networks' reality programming divisions are pumping out Dodge Vipers and Ford F350 Supercabs. Not that Andy doesn't recognize the humour in stupid stunts:

I just saw "Jackass: The Movie" on cable, and that thing is full of huge laughs. They really know what they're doing. There's no set-up: they just cut to a midget kicking himself in the head.