Case Study: Blogging is an SEO and Publicity Bonanza

MarketingSherpa's just run a case study on the blog set up by the President of CoreStreet. The key: a PR person who pushed and pushed the idea of blogging until the boss caved. (see his blog here)

"Chuck was kicking around the idea of using a blog as a corporate communication device. I never got that excited about it being an official thing because a lot of corporate blogs are thinly disguised press releases dressed up to look hip," [Phil] Libin explains. "We have better resources to get out press releases."

But, PR guy Chuck Tanowitz persisted ...

... Tanowitz has been able to plant opinion pieces that are cleaned-up versions of Libin's original blog posts in both ZDNET and CNET. Libin says: "It's great - something I thought 100 people would see was seen by closer to 100,000."