Now THAT's earned media: Arnold in Fortune

Arnold must be basking in the warm glow of the 4700 word feature published about his tenure as Governor in this week's Fortune magazine.

Democrat Fabian Nunez, the Speaker of the Assembly, and an outspoken opponent of Schwarzenegger, says: "The governor has to define who he is. Is he the diplomat? Or is he the rambunctious politician who is going to pick a fight and bully around Democratic legislators?"

... In fact, it's hard to imagine Schwarzenegger reacting any other way. Getting in front of crowds, sounding his themes, shaking hands, generating enthusiasm, even striking out at opponents - that's the essence of who he is as a politician. It energizes him - and it's what makes him effective. It's the source of his power, somehting he understands too well, even if his critics don't.

How exactly do you put a price tag on that sort of earned media? I mean, how does the Schwarzenegger PR team quantify that result at the end of the month? Do they "compare and contrast" the Fortune cover with Arnold's previous Cigar Afficionado cover? Is there a multiplier if your Fortune feature doesn't include the words "lawsuit," "recall" or "divorce"?

Whatever the measurement, we can be sure Arnold needs a WetNap after a big ole' smooch like the one Fortune laid on him.