Fusion Power Conference: now with added Canadians!

More comments from exploring the Fusion Power of Public and Participatory Journalism.

  • Len Witt on public journalism: “if the journalists don't get it, the citizens and the bloggers certainly do.”

  • I don't know if it's disconcerting or value-added, but as Len Witt was speaking, Akin or Gillmor were coughing up web pages related to Witt's spoken asides: Breslin's thoughts on gatekeepers, OhMyNews, Technorati, Amazon book listings ... all projected on a 10x10 screen. The mark of a truly interactive presentation and some skilled (and probably compulsively addicted) web surfers.

  • Gillmor: the ability to “do” a blog is irrelevant if the education system has failed the audiences that would most profit from the technology and the capabilities.

  • Warren Kinsella: “blogging is punk rock media.”

  • Kinsella thinks his presentation is going to go over like a lead zepplin. Maybe, given his recent vacation, that should be Dread Zeppelin.

  • Kinsella, a Liberal Party organizer in part of his life, has organized his PPT around the concept of a proposed electoral campaign for blogging. I hope he makes this available online.

  • Kinsella: blogs are a “Hegelian dialectic on speed.”

  • Kinsella: Blogs are pithy as heck, but faddish. Are they the digital pet rock?

  • Kinsella again: how to make sure blogs last past Christmas: tell a story; be brief; leave no charge unanswered.

  • Kinsella's blogging pyramid of power, from the pointy heads at the top: the big bananas; commentariat; the chattering classes; and, the rest of us. I like the commentariat characterization - it sounds like a Soviet social club.

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