Gillmor, Jarvis, Rosen, Akin and a panopoly of others

Some notes taken while sitting at the Exploring the Fusion Power of Public and Participatory Journalism conference yesterday (back row, a reversal from the old school days). Joey deVilla made some great notes as well. Some observations:

  • Gillmor commenting on the dozen+ bloggers in the room: “it's good for journalists to have journalism done to them.”

  • Gillmor: We the Media isn't about weblogs - it's about something much bigger. Like SMS. Like RDIF scanners that scan barcodes, acess the web and alert you to expired medicine. Like Treo 600 RSS readers.

  • There's someone here from Osprey Media - a relatively large publisher of Canadian community papers. I'm waiting to hear what he has to say about their plans for building on their community mandate/business model to really engage with their communities.

  • Jarvis notes that Technorati is logging 15K new blogs a day. Gillmor: “We're going to run out of humans soon.”

  • Akin: advice he received when he went from general to technology beat: “just be a tour guide.” Based on that, this crowd in this room is the Michelin Guide to online journalism.

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