Dear Chase Manhattan: You suck!

A friend of mine has some service issues with Chase Manhattan, his bank; enough to drive him to actually put pen to paper.

Dear Chase:

I know this won't do anything, but can I just tell you what drives me crazy about you guys? I deposit two checks on Friday, totaling over $8k. (Again, pocket change to you guys, but hey...) Anyhow, I deposit it on Friday. Shows up as a deposit on Monday. But doesn't get credited until TUESDAY, with the notation that the funds won't be available until the end of the business day on THURSDAY. So basically, you've held my money for an entire WEEK, despite my having been a customer for over 5 years, never overdrawing, etc.

Just kinda sucks, you know? It's kind of like, "Well, Mr. Shankman, we know you've been a good customer, and have a company that's managed to do very well, even in this crappy economy, but you know what? We just don't trust you, regardless of what you do. Now, if you'd just deposit $500,000 or whatever into our accounts, we'd be happy to clear your money ASAP."

Granted, you're probably not even saying that, because, well, I'm not big enough for you guys to even worry about, but hey - just thought I'd bring it up.

One more note - I have more than enough to cover the entire deposit in there ALREADY. But that doesn't seem to matter.

Like I said, I don't expect you to do anything about this, (I'm a lot of things, but naive isn't one of them...) But I feel a lot better now that I wrote it.

Thanks. :)

-Peter Shankman

(Customer who probably means jack to you because I don't have a few million in my business account.)

Judging from this site (Chasebanksucks), there are plenty of other people irritated with Chase Manhattan (and it comes up third on Google!)