Move away from the shift key: it's internet - no cap!

It's official. Wired has thrown in the towel. The hype of 1998 is over. We don't need to capitalize internet anymore. Or web. Or net. As Tony Long, Wired's copy editor, notes:

... in the case of internet, web and net, a change in our house style was necessary to put into perspective what the internet is: another medium for delivering and receiving information ...

Okay, but as a friend just observed: why are we still calling it the internet?

Long continues, with a well-deserved shot at marketers (and PR folk as well):

True believers are fond of capitalizing words, whether they be marketers or political junkies or, in this case, techies. If It's Capitalized, It Must Be Important. In German, where all nouns are capitalized, it makes sense. It makes no sense in English.