Mel Gibson, leading the unwashed from the technological desert?

Digging into my clippings pile, I saw this tidbit about the highly targeted marketing of The Passion DVD, due out today:

"We've initiated outreach to churches and para-church organizations," [a FOX SVP] says. "There have been a variety of mailings and e-mail campaigns, much of it at a grassroots level." In a unique promotion, Fox offered churches a preorder discount on bulk packs of 50 DVDs or 50 VHS tapes. For an additional fee, the packaging on each copy could be customized with the church's name, a quotation from Scripture, or some other personalized message. (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Even more intriguing was the observation that this DVD would prompt many Christian families to finally move their viewing habits into the 1990s:

There will be an extraordinarily high number of sales in the box loads. That's something you don't normally see," says Scott Hettrick, editor-in-chief of DVD Exclusive, an industry publication. "This title is bringing in a lot of people that never converted from VHS to DVD. You're getting quite a new audience."

Really? Where have these people been? What do they look like?