He ain't heavy .... he's my lawyer

They can be your allies or the bane of your existince. They can provide valuable strategic advice, or shred one of your documents beyond legibility. They're the corporate counsel. The Houston firm Fulbright & Jaworski surveyed 300 US general counsels about their corporate and professional concerns, and there are startling parallels for PR folk. While the actual survey findings deal with litigation trends, the comments made by participants in the "2004 U.S. Corporate Counsel Litigation Trends Survey" can apply equally to PR agencies. Here's a sample of their advice for legal firms:

  • “Define terms of realistic win rather than what client wants to hear”
  • “Over communicate regarding status and strategy”
  • “We need recommendations on both strong and weak points of a case”
  • “Communicate a clear litigation plan and then follow it”
  • “Understand business principles and match legal with business strategy”
  • “Firms shouldn’t take cases they can’t handle”

    Oh, and how many corporate counsel are concerned about media mishaps affecting their litigation strategy? 1%.

    Request the complete survey here - it's an automatic .pdf download.

    Also found on their site - this saucy headline: "Fulbright Litigation Duo Ice Opponent for $600K Victory" It's about roadway de-icer.

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