Graphic Designers: It's a report, not art!

So, your graphic designer has brought in the cover concepts for the new report. It's not meant to be an award-winner. Just a strategy document, to show to the advisory council next month. The designer's pulled out all the tried and true graphic stereotypes for a strategy document: a compass, a ship under sail, even a Patagonia-clad climber on a West Coast cliff face. You can live with those concepts - even if your co-op student could have whipped them up in an afternoon. Your real quibble with their ideas? The colours. What's with all the browns and oranges? Where's the blue? The taupe?

The Man in Blue is running an online survey to measure the colour sensibilities of designers versus the unwashed heathen: you.

Designers like to get people to worship our superior aesthetic sensibilities; which is easy given the revolting taste in color, shape, font, layout and imagery that the average person possesses. However, there's never really been any quantifiable research done into this area that has allowed designers to scientifically prove their God-like abilities. Until now.

Fine, fine. You're a god. But can you deliver this for under 65 cents a copy - including postage?