Remembering a good friend - that I never met

This weekend, I picked up a book in the library - a book that pushes and cajoles you to revels in the adventures, eccentricities and personalities you discover while boucing across the 'net. Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure has been out for a while, but I only discovered it while thumbing through random sections of the library. I've discovered many like-minded wired communities and professional groups in seven years of bouncing across the ether, including several interesting and engaging people. But I can count my true friends on the fingers of my hands - okay, I may have to use a few toes as well.

Which is why I was shocked - stunned - to find out that David Monroe had passed away this weekend. We never managed to meet in person, but we had spoken on the phone before, and exchanged emails almost daily. Friendships of such honesty, frankness and good nature are always remarkable - even more so when hatched in an environment more frequently used for deceit, deception and fraud.

I'm going to miss him.