Religious tracts and Manga?

Accordion Guy did a quick riff about the evolution of design (and the influence of manga) in the tracts hawked by people like Jack Chick and Tim Todd Ministries. At the bottom of his post is a lone cartoon frame with a PR reference - and a money shot of a joke.

An aside: while searching out other material for this post, I came across a column on Chick from 1995:

    A quick Alta Vista search tells all: in the net's grand tradition of celebrating society's most conspicuous mindf***ers, disturbed cartoonist and ecumenical prodigy Jack Chick will likely find his face chiseled on the first VRML Mt. Rushmore - if he ever deigns to manifest himself.

Alta Vista search? VRML? Let's put this in perspective. Most kids in high school today have never used Alta Vista.