Multi-nationals and Corollas in New Delhi

    It's said of Delhi that a person who manages to negotiate the manic frenzy of the city's traffic can hold his own driving in any part of the world.

So opens an Economic Times piece on competition among advertising agencies in India. Surely a non sequitur? Not for me. I learned how to drive in New Delhi traffic, careening through roundabouts in a Toyota Corolla, dodging ancient taxis and reckless scooters. The memories!

Anyway, back to the advertising theme. Living in a capital, I assume all capitals are calm, routine and sometimes backwards. Apparently not Delhi.

    Santosh Desai, president, McCann-Erickson likens Delhi to the Wild West: "Since Delhi hasn't had as much of a historical legacy as Mumbai, there is a great need to build business.

    " The city and its advertising folk also do not let setbacks affect them. Param Saikia, COO, Publicis elaborates, "We are always on our toes here and expect the unexpected.

    In Mumbai, typically if a deal doesn't click, there's a meeting held to review what went wrong. In Delhi, the attitude is built around 'What next?'"