What swing voters think of blogs

Michael Monroe may be the youngest congressional candidate in the U.S., and the Washington Monthly drops a good chunk of text speaking to him. What's interesting, however, is the accompanying graphic (that doesn't get reproduced online) on "The Zoology of Swing Voters." The two page table breaks down the demos targeted by every politico this year and identifies them by characteristics. Here are two:

Lies to Pollsters About:

    Sex & The City voters: their age. Office Park Dads: their income. Security Moms: whether they voted the last time. NASCAR Dads: "I'm really busy now." The Stern Gang: not living with their parents. Freestyle Evangelicals: church attendance.

Thinks Blogs Are:

    Sex & The City voters: pink. Office Park Dads: something in the supply closet. Security Moms: threatening. NASCAR Dads: French. The Stern Gang: gay. Freestyle Evangelicals: God's children, too.