Times, WWD and photographers

A little bit of to-and-fro'ing this morning between WWD and the Times. The Grey Lady seizes a chance to take a swipe at comments made last week by a WWD correspondent about the latest YSL collection. Why point this out to you, the reader?

  • The original WWD quote nails a visual in 16 words.
  • In typically NY style, the Times has taken pains to point out that WWD had their geography wrong - by 20 street numbers.
  • There's actually a reference to the photographer - a normally unacknowledged partner in these reports.
  • It's a beautiful gotcha.
    • Last week, Women's Wear Daily, reviewing the Yves Saint Laurent collection, said that the designer Stefano Pilati became "woefully lost at a crossroads between the Saint Laurent archive and mid-80's 530 Seventh Avenue." The newspaper was correct about Mr. Pilati's debut show, but a little off with the address. Those ungainly looks surfaced in the late 60's, left, at 550 Seventh Avenue, in the showroom of Norman Norell. Bill Cunningham, the photographer for The New York Times, said he had that déjà vu feeling when he saw Mr. Pilati's awkward proportions. He should know. He photographed them at Norell.