CanLit BitchSlap

Take one upstart but successful Canadian literary magazine - the Walrus. Add a disgruntled former editor from another Canadian literary magazine - Robert Fulford of Saturday Night, now of Toronto Life. Throw in the accomplished son of a Canadian literary icon as commentator - Noah Richler. What do you get?

    "The Walrus," [Fulford] writes, "has a serious problem and its name is Ken Alexander," who – wait for it – "holds his job only because he brings with him his old family money."

    As a result of [Walrus founder] Alexander's efforts, the Walrus offers far more interesting, far more necessary stuff than the perpetually tired pages of Saturday Night.

But what do you really think, Noah?

    Alexander ... committed a major Canadian faux pas when he behaved like someone who believed he could do better than the small pool of apparently proven trade staff from which Canadian custom says he should hire – "proven," in this instance, merely meaning that the departed worked on various incarnations of magazines that have consistently, um, failed.