Breaking News: another leaked federal communications plan

The WPost had some fun this week with a communications plan drafted by a Bush appointee to the Customs and Border Protection Bureau. In the plan, Kristi Clemens, assistant commissioner in the Bureaus's public affairs division, exhorted public affairs staff to:

    "Reassure the citizens of the United States ... Repeat the message. . . . Repeat until we are completely exhausted by it."

But Ms. Clemens was backpedalling at about 60 mph once higher-ups in the Homeland Security organization found out about her work:

    "I developed a draft communications plan intended to spur debate on how we could effectively communicate some of our recent border security improvements and more efficiently structure CBP public affairs' activities which are spread out across the country," Clemens said in a statement. "The draft plan was an internal CBP product that was never shared outside of my staff nor executed."

Public affairs staffers in governments around the world can feel the warmth in the pleasant, but backhanded, compliment for Clemens' work from her Deputy Secretary, James Loy, who described the plan as a:

    "piece likely produced by well-meaning, enterprising public affairs folks."

Ouch. Am I the only one visualizing Gomer Pyle or Corporal Klinger?