All those empty hockey arenas

Is the office holiday committee looking for unusual event locations? How about some skating? There are 30 professional hockey rinks across Canada and the United States facing an interminable lockout. And the NHL players who aren't playing in Europe are kind of at loose ends. The opportunity for PR and marketing folks? Events at marquee facilities with recognized stars. With sizeable fixed costs, facility managers are looking to fill their arenas, even if they have NBA or AFL franchises to fall back on. I mean, when's the last time an NHL arena hosted a PUBLIC SKATE in December?

On a local level, second and third line players may be available for regional, local or retail promotions. Or front-line players could headline charity events - like Jeremy Roenick's "Wicked Weekend" golf and hockey do in Arizona in a few weeks.

Of course, the lockout is hitting luxury box owners hard as well. An Ottawa Hill & Knowlton VP was actually forced to take clients to a Beastie Boys concert last week.

On another note, Molson Canadian's protesting the lockout with a fan ad spoofing Culture Club's "Do you really want to hurt me?" Well worth watching.