Notes for protesters

Just had a front row seat for the anti-Bush protesters marching through Ottawa, and thought I'd pass along a few thoughts about the execution of the march:

  • The aboriginal drums were a good idea. They really reverberate off the office blocks and draw the attention of the workers inside.
  • When it comes to signs, stick to big letters, small words. "Buck Fush" comes across clearly, the longwinded diatribes were illegible.
  • If you're going to throw around totalitarian analogies, try to be original. A swastika over an American flag? Who would find that serious? And what was with the PRC flag?
  • The coordinated anarchist cheerleaders were magic!
  • If your anarcho-syndicalist group is going to carry a 10 foot by 20 foot anti-war flag at waist level, make sure to swing it in the air so we can actually read it.
  • Where were the performance artists? The people on stilts?
  • This sign, no matter your politics, was funny: A village in Texas has lost its idiot.
  • A rented cube van is only as valuable as the sign it carries. One in the march looked like a lost moving van

You know what was missing? Vendors. Hawkers. How were bystanders supposed to voice their support? Where were the $1 buttons?

Here's a handy guide on "How To Organize a Protest." And here's one from the Rainforest Action Network.

BTW- the Canadian Press headlined a story today "Bush in Canada for first stage of world charm offensive."