Death of the slide projector

Apparently, Kodak has stopped making the Carousel slide projector. (WPost via Alyson Hurt) Strangely enough, this now lends a certain social cachet to the formerly ostracized members of the high school Audio Visual Club: "Oh yeah, the Kodak Carousel 4200! You may not remember this, but that slide tray had to be positioned JUUUST right, or the whole geography class was screwed for the day!"

Of course, the pseuds have long jumped on your uncle's old vacation slides as a cultural artifact and Saturday evening amuse-bouche:

    "... the Schoolhouse Center for Art and Design ... presents another annual installment of its immensely popular Anonymous Photography exhibition. Begun in 1999 as a response to the growing interest of the public, art galleries and institutions in vernacular photographic images, the first show was practically an instant sellout, with buyers vying for a favorite snapshot or old news photograph."

Vernacular photographic images? Sheesh!