Your mobile and you: PR and chatting outloud

You can pretty much identify a person's PR specialty by their mobile phone habits: Investor Relations: very short, abrupt conversations, finished off with "I'll call you on a land line." Trade Communications: very long conversations about concrete plant specs and the next client meeting in Waukesha. Marketing Communications: call starts with a discussion about a new boss ("she's a witch!"), then moves into discussions about retail campaigns Media Relations: "did you get my email? No, the other one. The one about the tree planting Sunday morning!" Corporate Communications: "Hi. Mom? What's for dinner?" Publicist: "What time is it? Two? Why don't you and Lindsay meet me at Megu at eleven."

But all PR folk know to limit their conversations at certain crucial moments. When? As the old saw goes: it's all about location, location, location!

For instance, you probably shouldn't spin your new business pitch while on a crowded train:

    But last week the Paddington-to-Swansea ... train gained notoriety as the blabbermouth express when staffers at one agency decided not only to discuss the pitch they were on their way to - but to prepare for it with a plethora of loud calls to the press, sounding out views on their potential client.

    'It was embarrassing - it was very Ab Fab,' PRWeek's spy on the train tells us.

    The agency boss ... defended her loudmouths ... 'It was nothing confidential, we would never discuss something confidential in public.' It is not the first time pitches have been overheard on the Paddington train - PROs be warned. (PR Week UK - behind a sub wall)