Thoughts from a Road Trip

We just finished driving the 2700-odd kilometres from Ottawa to Southwest Florida, and here are some of the things we saw on the trip: - Armadillo? More like a shovelful a' dillo. Ouch. - Ford Crown Victoria soft-tops. The entire 1992 production run. With their left hand turn signals blinking for 65 miles. - A dollop of doe on I-81. - They say the fox is cunning and wily. I guess that speeding Peterbilt was wilier. - A mess of mice on I-85. - A pack o' Pennsylvania state troopers. - A wild turkey - laid low not by New Year's revelry, but by someone heading for an earlybird breakfast. - More than one Southern diner offering me the opportunity to not only dine well, but "repent or die."

And why, oh why, do I always come across freezing rain in Watertown, NY?