Let the Gladwell bandwagon get underway

Now, don't get me wrong. I think I've made it clear that I really like Malcolm Gladwell's writing. Blink, his new book, is certainly receiving positive reviews. Still, I can't help but think his new catchphrases, like "rapid cognition" and "thin-slicing," will be manna to consultants looking to freshen up their new biz pitches and corporate retreat powerpoint presentations.

Gladwell's observations are going to be beaten, bent and bastardized into 2005's version of horrifics like the "paradigm shift" and "re-engineering."

Yet, I think "the Warren Harding Error" would make a great name for a really earnest, yet stunningly incompetent, three guitar high school band.

This is a good FC piece on Gladwell as business guru.

Here's a quick executive's synthesis of the book.