I said WHAT on my Blackberry?

Oops. Remember last week, when you used the PIN function on your Blackberry to send a note to your colleague, thinking PIN messages didn't go through the corporate server? Turns out those secret PIN messages may not be so secret. They may even be open to subpoena. Whaaa? A nasty lawsuit between CIBC and a group of former bankers is focusing on the frank and uncensored language used by the bankers in emails and Blackberry PIN messages - all of which were archived on CIBC servers and are now playing a large role in court.

How stressed are bankers, lawyers and consultants in Toronto? Here's something from today's Globe and Mail:

    “I would say that up to today, 99.9 per cent of the world felt this was secure,” said one brokerage official. “I think that's like finding out there's no Santa Claus.”

    The official said employees in Toronto's financial district were hounding their information technology departments for answers as to whether BlackBerrys could be monitored. When people chat via PIN messages, they will often communicate things they would not divulge in a regular e-mail, he said.

    “If you've got a guy's PIN, it's like another level of intimacy. It's like the next level in a relationship on Bay Street.”