Welcome to Wal-Mart. Can I take your complaint?

As part of their new advertising and public outreach campaign, Wal-Mart has created a new website and complementary "Talk with Us" contact page. It's an open and honest attempt to establish a dialogue with customers, stakeholders and opponents. One important tactic in creating an effective webpage that produces relevant search results is identifying the right meta tags. In this case, they're pretty revealing: "... walmart blows, walmart it sucks, walmart stinks, walmart sucks, walmart issues, walmart class action lawsuit, walmart impact on economy, wal-mart impact on community ..."

Two other thoughts about the site: say you happen to think Wal-Mart is the embodiment of everything that is soul-less and destructive in modern capitalist society. Would you really sign up for a Wal-Mart newsletter? And should a septuagenarian door "greeter" really be the personification of your new "Talk with Us" identity?