Testify! When lawyers subpoena lawyers

Have you ever watched testimony on CPAC or CSPAN and wondered "what is that witness thinking right now?"
Warren Kinsella's testifying before the Gomery Commission on the Government of Canada sponsorship program, and he's been looking forward to it all week. Just read this excerpt from his blog:

    Today I finally get to tell our side of the story - I hope. I fully expect the capable barrister Neil Finkelstein will be working overtime to stop me from saying anything remotely positive about what Messrs. Chretien, Dingwall and Kinsella did in the 1994 and 1995 period. But, again, that will prove my central criticism of this judicial circus, won't it? And, as y'all know, it won't stop your buddy Warren from saying what he has to say - in the corridor to the media afterwards, or on this little web site.
    During the course of the day, I will be posting - or attempting to - pithy Gomery Pyle Commission updates that will be time-stamped. And, to emphasize the above-noted “circus” theme, my guys have put together a little aural and visual tableau. We will also, hopefully, be running digitized feeds of me giving sworn testimony.

Of course, being a politics junky and eager for any tips on communicating under stressful situations, I'm watching Warren on CPAC. Oh! What a rejoinder! Beautiful stonewalling! He's turning the lead counsel's question back at him! Magnificent!