I want to say one word to you - just one word: China

Here's some food for thought out of the giant gab-fest at Davos:

    "Not everyone is convinced that China will make the transition to the knowledge-economy, particularly given India's head start, but if China is successful in building global brands Western companies may be forced to design their products with that market in mind.

    "As the Chinese consumer pool grows, China will increasingly set international standards," said Matthew Anderson, chief executive of Ogilvy PR for the Asia-Pacific region, the biggest public relations company in China." (IHT)

As BusinessWeek noted last week, the retail wars have begun. American and European companies are adapting their products and marketing to meet the demands of the Chinese market.

But how will the global marketing and public relations environment adapt once China's economic growth allows it to look outward and begin to flex its economic muscle in international markets other than natural resources, clothing and electronics?

The "China Price" represents a generational shift in international economic influence. How are you planning for your business to prosper 2, 10, 15 years from today?