Ronald McDonald: I'm lovin' the new skate threads

Promo Magazine reports on comments made by Dean M. Barrett, the senior-VP global marketing for McDonald's, at the Association of National Advertisers meeting yesterday.

    "As for fashion, watch for Ronald McDonald to appear in a whole new wardrobe that includes everything from the looks of a snowboard dude to a business executive (still wearing those big red shoes, of course).

    Along with his new duds, Ronald got a new title: CHO or "chief happiness officer." There are new uniforms in Germany, Denmark and the U.K., as well as other apparel like hats and T-shirt designed around the "I'm lovin' it" theme. A new line of branded-active wear will debut next year."

There are some other observations about McDonald's shift in strategy, from marketing products and menus to entertaining the consumer through partnerships in music, sports, fashion and entertainment.