PR is necessary ... discuss amongst yourselves

Like Tom Murphy, I recieved an email from Steven Phenix yesterday, touting a noble goal: spurring PR bloggers to build some online buzz for the positive aspects of public relations. Unfortunately, this will be a long and difficult battle. We're dealing with long-held perceptions of our profession, often confirmed with unpleasant experience. Evidence? Let me table a piece of evidence, which we can refer to as "Piece of Evidence #1".

PRWEEK UK released the results of their latest salary study this week. The stats reveal that working conditions are improving for PROs in the UK.

What did the Times pull from the story? What's their principal takeaway? Ummm: mingling is the key to good public relations:

    "People who don�t know how to mingle won�t get on in the absolutely fabulous world of public relations. ... more than 70 per cent of PR lovelies are out on business one night a week. Late nights play havoc with your skintone, so it�s not surprising that 20 per cent of employees find PR �very stressful�. "

Great. Sophie Wessex is not the role model for all public relations pros!