RIP, Bob McAdorey

Well, another local newscaster from my youth is dead. Bob McAdorey, a Southern Ontario broadcaster for nearly forty years, passed away this weekend. Of course, I only I remember his later career as entertainment editor on Global News - with his giant [irish] afro, tweed jackets and outsized glasses.

But in the 1960s, working the afternoon drive time slot, McAdorey helped set the agenda for popular music in Toronto - meeting the Beatles and the Stones along the way.

    "We kept it all clean up here. There was no payola as in the U.S. and we deliberately helped a lot of Canadians. It was personality radio. We were promoted like crazy back then. And the pressures were unbelievable. We dictated what records were going to go. And what kids would eat, drink." (Toronto Star, r.r.)

Correction (17/02): I originally referred to Bob's scottish afro.